Truffoire Reviews – How Their Products Revived and Rejuvenated My Skin

When I came across the Truffoire, then I was amazed to learn about that truffles can be used for skin care too because previously it was always a food delicacy for me. I researched more about truffle, and come to know what it can do for our skin.

After that, I went for an experiment on myself and started with a White Truffle Day Moisturizer as my day cream and Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C as a night cream.

Truffoire Review – White Truffle Day Moisturizer
This is an excellent product and gives a great result. This day moisturizer perfectly complements the night cream also. White truffle day moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer. According to Truffoire, a lightweight moisturizer is an ideal way to give your skin thoroughly a hydrated and moisturized look. After applying this moisturizer on my skin I really feel perfect and hydrated throughout the day. I am very happy to get the benefits of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E through truffles because they offer something special to my skin.

Truffoire Review – Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C
The Black truffle deep renewal vitamin C is the best night cream for me. The smell of this product is too good and makes you want to apply the product and go to sleep. This cream is extremely hydrating my skin and it makes my skin look nourished and beautiful. This moisturizer cream feels like a serum i.e. quite silky and non-greasy.

Both of these Truffoire products offer the most noticeable benefit for me, in respect that roughness of my skin is tremendously reduced and it also treats pigmentation and refines my skin.  My skin is quite sensitive and therefore I avoid applying every other product on my skin. But, when I used Truffoire products, it did not lead to any irritation on my skin. I use both White Truffle Day Moisturizer and Black Truffle Deep Renewal Vitamin C and I am very happy and satisfied. Now, my skin feels so much moisturized and calm. Both of these products work perfectly with each other to give my skin a radiant finish.

I would never want to trade my Truffoire products with any other. This is my best choice forever and I recommend you to use also.

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